Today, I came across a video on Youtube where a guy was saying that Airbnb will be the main driver of a 2020 recession. Case in point,he put up a snap of an Airbnb host called Jessica. Jessica has multiple listings which are luxury homes. Based on what he showed, her prices have dropped to $95 a night and accommodation capacity increased to 10 persons. He basically concluded that Jessica invested her money in Airbnb and would soon run into foreclosures. Wow, what a world it is, where people gloat at what they believe to be your demise.

At a time list this, maybe Jessica break-even is $95 per night. Yes,she may have decided to try to earn enough to pay her mortgages and all other necessary expenses. I am just creating a scenario in my head of her situation. So her aim is to just keep afloat until things recover. Breakeven is a good idea, To just keep the ship sailing ocean. I would have imagined that before COVID19, her luxury rentals would have been $500 a night or more. I would like to talk to Jessica, to encourage her and tell her that there are some more strategies that she could use, that would have her sitting easy.

The worst thing in this crisis, is people who predict doom and gloom and offer no solutions. Jessica I would like you to read my ebook titled “MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!! EARN MONEY ON YOUR AIRBNB RENTAL DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC’’ on my website

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